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Main products: packing belt, PP packing belt, PET packing belt, 
Automatic packing machine, sealing glue,

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       Foshan Yajia Packing Material Factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company specializes in production of propene polymer (PP) plastic strapping tapes (packing strings), strapping tapes, packing materials, packing machinery and packing strings. The company was founded in 2000. Over years, the company has won trust and support of customers by virtue of its high-quality products, reasonable price and satisfying after-sales service and maintained long-term cooperative relations with domestic well-known enterprises. Its main products include sealing adhesive tapes, strapping tapes, packing materials, packing machinery and packing strings. Moreover, it specializes in production of PP strapping tapes, PET glass-reinforced plastic strapping tapes, packing materials, strapping tape materials, double-faced adhesive tapes, sealing adhesive tapes, packing string materials, packing machinery, full-automatic balers. The company mainly produces PP strapping tapes, PET strapping tapes, BOPP sealing adhesive tapes, stretch films and other packing materials, and sells all kinds of matching packing machinery, etc.
       Its products reach and surpass national quality standards. In order to make customers use products conveniently and safely and reduce loss, the company organizes an after-sales service team which specially provides customers with free door-to-door repair service and machinery maintaining service.
       The company wins support and trust of customers by virtue of its professional experience, high-quality products, high cost performance and satisfying after-sales service. It produces higher-quality products in a strict and professional attitude, becoming an enterprise which develops in advance.