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Commodity name: the main point of the packing process of bale
Akai for packing belt factory in the binding process, packing belt plate and a driving device of hot melt lap by the cylinder to achieve, relative to the motor control cylinder, and has its own unique characteristics and advantages in the control to achieve a variety of products and expansion; with the realization of a simple action, can greatly reduce the design of packing auxiliary mechanism with factory with respect to the motor control.
Cotton bag packing belt factory dedicated PET plastic packing belt production line
Cotton bag packing belt factory dedicated PET plastic packing belt production line, is the use of new line of international advanced technology R & D and production, the whole production of large amount of high quality drying, drying system...
Method for improving power factor of permanent magnet motor in packing belt factory
Akai packing belt factory through the use of a variety of reasons of power factor low single well point analysis were taken as much as possible to achieve these methods adjust.
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Today, the society is not only the product of the packaging plant in the past, the attention of the United States, essence, and now more in a beautiful, fine, qualitative aspects of a package with the factory's products for the pros and cons of. As the packing industry belt factory, constantly improve their Akai in packing factory in this industry, make the packing belt factory process with international standards Chinese process;
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